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Carbon Steel A106 Gr. B PTFE Lined Pipe

If you are searching for the pipes that fulfill all your project needs then you have to use Carbon Steel A106 Gr. B PTFE Pipes. These are the best pipes and are suitable for a wide variety of applications. These pipes are ready to fulfill your all the requirements. It has precise specifications and operational requirements. These pipers are available in various Alloys, grades, specifications and much more. It has come with superior quality material that meets your all the needs. The main thing about these pipes is that its custom sizes are not depending on standard pipe schedule. These pipes gain lots of popularity because of its superior quality.


Following are the specifications of Carbon Steel A106 Gr. B PTFE Pipes:

The specifications of these pipes are A335 P1, P91, P2, P5, P9, P22, P11, P12 and much more. It also comes with various grades such as A333 Grade 1 & 6, A106 Grade A, B & C, A53 and much more. These pipes are also available in wide variety of sizes. The sizes are also set according to the requirements of customers.

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