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A283 Gr A

Carbon Steel A283 GRA Sheet Plates are a carbon steel alloy with various components. This alloy comprises iron, 0.2-0.15% carbon, manganese, and small amounts of silicon, phosphorus, and sulfur. The high levels of carbon give Carbon Steel A283 GRA Sheet Plate its remarkable strength at high temperatures and excellent wear resistance for various applications such as automobile parts and marine fittings. The low sulfur content levels also enhance the weldability properties of Carbon Steel A283 GRA Sheet Plates. This makes it ideal for forming, welding, and machining operations. It is suitable for long-lasting products in many industrial sectors, such as construction, shipbuilding, and petrochemical engineering.

Carbon Steel A283 GRA Sheet Plates are solid and durable materials, making them ideal for applications that require long-lasting performance. They can be used for demanding structural steel requirements and pressure vessel and command construction projects. These plates also have excellent weldability and formability, allowing for further fabrication, such as cutting, drilling, and forming. Additionally, these plates are perfect for high-temperature service environments due to their resistance to various impacts and oxidation processes. Carbon Steel A283 GRA Sheet Plates are an invaluable asset in heavy industry applications such as oil refineries and pipelines, thanks to their exceptional properties.

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