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A283 Gr B

Carbon Steel A283 GRB Plates are made from an alloy that is made up primarily of Iron, Carbon, and Manganese. This alloy also typically contains Copper and small amounts of Silicon, sulfur, phosphorus, and aluminum. The percentages of these elements will vary depending on the grade, but generally, these steel plates contain a higher carbon content, resulting in greater strength and hardness. This makes them ideal for many construction applications, such as frames for cars, bridges and buildings, and decorative ironwork pieces. Carbon Steel A283 GRB Plates offer excellent weldability, making them suitable for various projects.

Carbon Steel A283 GRB Plates are among today's most versatile steel products. Commonly sought after for their strength, corrosion resistance, and hardness, these plates can be used in various industrial applications, from chemical and petrochemical to automotive and aerospace components. With excellent formability, weldability properties, good mechanical properties and toughness, they are also widely used in bridges, process plants and offshore structures. Furthermore, these plates are compatible with superheated steam and gaseous environments, ensuring high-temperature oxidation resistance. Carbon Steel A283 GRB Plates provide various advantages, making them perfect for metal fabrication projects where ductility, longevity and formability must come together to yield successful results.

FAQ's for Carbon Steel A283 Gr B Plates

Carbon Steel A283 GRB Plates has a Harmonized System Nomenclature (HSN) code of 7210.30.00.00. This is the international classification for goods used in international trade.

Carbon Steel A283 GRB Plates is an eco-friendly product, as it requires less energy to produce and consume fewer resources. It also has low emissions, making it a great choice for green projects.

Carbon Steel A283 GRB Plates can be purchased online or through metal suppliers. Prices may vary depending on the amount and quality of the product being purchased.

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