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A334 GR.1

Buy Carbon Steel A334 GR.1 Tubing is worthy because it is used in many industries. If you have an industry and urgent need in this carbon steel tubing, so you can buy online. Online companies have large stocks of it and offer you to buy at reasonable prices. Its sizes begin off from 4” NB to 25”NB and wall thickness is from 2.0mm to 14mm. Its schedules are such as extra heavy, standard, 20, 30, 50, 80, 70, 160, 150 and XXH. It is being sold out in two kinds such as welded and seamless. Its length is 11800mm, 5800mm, 7315mm, 6000mm and so on while outer dimensions are from 6mm – 1020mm.

We are here talking about the tubing is grade 1; however, it is available in varying grades along with features and specifications.

Packaging- Carbon Steel A334 GR.1 Seamless Tubing packaging is done using wooden boxes, woven bags, metal cases and else. To cover its ends plastic caps are used so that it may not get spoiled or destroyed till the last production. Yes, it is packaged after its final means third inspection process accomplishment. It is relatively certified by ASTM.

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