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A334 GR.11

Carbon Steel A334 GR.11 Tubing covers wall welded as well as seamless carbon intended for use up to less temperature. This pipe is made of both welded and seamless process with no metal filler during the welding operation.  The entire welded and seamless pipes are treated to rely on their micro structure. Impact tests, non-destructive electric tests as well as tensile test are made in accordance with the certain needs. The tubing is actually made at low temperature and that is why it is flexible and easy to use.

You can buy it at different rates according to its increasing or decreasing length and sizes. It covers some great features such as low durability, lifelong service, high tensile strength, high corrosion resistance and many more.  It is also available in different grades such as 3, 5, 6, 7 etc. Each has tiny different features, sizes, and shapes even too. It is made using carbon and alloy; therefore it can be run for a last long. It is used in various engineering and industrial applications.

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