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A334 GR.3

The chemical composition of Carbon Steel A334 Gr 3 Tubing is composed of a combination of carbon, manganese, phosphorous, sulfur, and molybdenum. The exact design of these elements will vary slightly depending on the specific grade and manufacturer. Still, generally, the carbon content ranges from 0.29% to 0.53%, manganese content ranges from 0.40% to 1.06%, phosphorous content ranges from 0.025% to 0.040%, sulfur content ranges from 0.025% to 0.035%, and molybdenum content ranges from 0.44% to 0.65%. The composition of these elements is carefully balanced to provide the desired mechanical and physical properties, including good toughness and flexibility at low temperatures, good weldability, good corrosion resistance, and good mechanical properties.

Carbon Steel A334 Gr 3 Tubing is a low carbon, low alloy steel grade commonly used for typical temperature applications. The tubing is characterized by its toughness and flexibility at low temperatures, making it ideal for use in applications with critical low-temperature performance. It is also known for its good weldability, making it an attractive option for fabrication and construction projects. The tubing has good corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, making it versatile for many applications. Some common uses for Carbon Steel A334 Gr 3 Tubing include heat exchangers, boilers, pressure vessels, pipelines, and piping systems in low-temperature environments. This tubing is widely used in the oil and gas industry, petrochemical plants, and other similar applications where low-temperature performance is critical.

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