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A334 GR.6

This article covers up standard specifications for a grade of seamless, minimum wall thickness, alloy steel, welded and Carbon Steel A334 GR.6 Tubing intended for utilization at the lower temperature. This carbon steel is confirmed to the needed chemical properties. Many tubing’s in the heat treatment will be analyzed from the shapes of the tubes. The tubing will have stiffness number and that doesn’t surpass the approved Brinell and Rockwell hardness values. It contains many features such as high yield strength, elongation, and tensile strength. Apart from it, many mechanical and chemical testing is accomplished before its production.

Carbon Steel A334 GR.6 Tubing is inspected out for the resistance of crack at the approved temperature for a respective grade.  It’s all the specifications are decided according to international or national standards. It is supplied to the clients in conditions such as cold drawn, normalizing rolled and rolled. The tubing is coated using color paint coating, epoxy coating as well as 3LPE coating. Some value-added services come while buying it is sand blasting, heat treatment draw, machining, sand blasting as well as galvanizing.

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