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A350 LF2

The low temperature carbon steel A350 LF2 channels are developed to be used in the lowest temperature equipment and mainly for the vessels of welded pressure. They are the ones from low to the medium carbon, the higher manganese, the silicon and steels that have the structure of fine grain with the dispersion of uniform carbide. They are also the ones which can feature well the moderate strength along with the toughness down to around -50 degree C. for the grain refinement and for improving the weld ability or formability, the carbon steels can include around 0.01 to around 0.04 per cent.


Nickel based

Known as the columbium steels, they are also used for the gears, forgings, shafts, machine parts, gages and dies. Around 0.15 per cent of the sulfur, this makes all of them as free machining and can reduce the strength. This low temperature carbon steel A350 LF2 channels is the nickel based steel plates of alloy that are used for the applications of low temperature. They are used mainly in the space ships cryogenic constructions and even in the low temperature of chemical plant applications.

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