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The chemical composition of A36 Carbon Steel Plates is as follows: carbon ( 0.25 - 0.29%), manganese ( 0.80 - 1.20%), phosphorus (max 0.04%), sulfur (max 0.05%), silicon ( 0.15 - 0.40%) chromium (max 0.20%) and copper (max 0.20%). Other elements, such as nickel, molybdenum, or vanadium, may also be present depending on the grades used in manufacturing them.

carbon steel astm a36 plates have a number of uses and properties, making them an ideal material for a variety of applications. They are resistant to corrosion, have high-temperature and pressure tolerance, maintain dimensional stability, and are easy to machine. Additionally, they offer excellent weldability and good formability, allowing them to be used in projects that require intricate design. Their durability makes them suitable for use in industrial settings.

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