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Carbon Steel A36 Plates is said to be one of the most globally used carbon structural steels utilized in many industries. It is extremely easy to weld, bolted as well as riveted in the development of buildings and bridges and for the purposes of general structural. The plates are also known to be equal to EN S275 plates made up of stainless steel. Many manufacturers are selling out this product because of its wide range of uses in industrial applications and you can also buy it under your budget. 


Carbon Steel A36 Plates are available in different thickness which goes up to 16” whereas width is from 48” to 120”. Not only this, the plates come in dissimilar length from 96” to 480”. You can now buy it in accordance with your requirements and demands which mean it is available in customization option. It is really helpful and usable product and that is the only reason why the plates are lofty in demand of industrialists across the globe. Also, it has the ability to combat corrosion under extreme water atmospheres.

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