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A519 Gr 440

There are various pipes available with different grades and specifications but when it comes to choose the most prominent and best quality and grade of steel product people always choose Carbon steel ASTM A 519 Grade 440 pipes. These are low carbon content pipes with 0.18% of carbon content. These pipes are easy to form and shape and create better performance. These low-temperature pipes cover seamless and welded pipes. The raw steel other material used in these pipes is well tested and inspected by inspection agencies and quality experts. On the other hand, various tests are done to prove products quality and durability.

Well! Talking about Carbon steel ASTM A 519 Grade 440 pipes size, these pipes are available in different sizes that range from ½ NB to 24 NB and length is single random or double random. These pipes are approved with several test certificates such as IBR test certificate, radiography test certificate, and third-party inspection certificate. All these tests are done under the supervision of manufacturer and quality experts. To maintain the quality and durability and to prevent these pipes from rust and damages, pipes are packed in wooden cases.

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