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A53 Gr B

Looking for the high quality and grade of carbon steel pipes? If the answer is yes, then Carbon steel A53 Gr B pipes are the right option available in front of you. These are the high quality of pipes that are well tested and inspected before they are ready for the delivery. The carbon content present in these pipes is up to 20%, which make these pipes suitable to withstand in extreme temperature and environment. These pipes are intended for both pressure and mechanical applications and are easily acceptable for uses like gas, water, and steam. These pipes cover both national and international standards and available in different types says seamless and welded.

However, when this Carbon steel A53 Gr B pipes are manufactured various tests and inspections are done including hydrostatic testing that tests the pressure of threaded ends and plain ends. On the other hand, mechanical testing is also done to check the tensile strength of these pipes. These pipes cover ASTM, ASME standards and specifications. The sizes in which these pipes are available ranges from ½ NB to 36 NB. Its available forms re square, rectangle, and round shaped. Moreover, these pipes are easily available to customers as per their order and requirement.

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