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A53 Gr C

Carbon Steel A53 GRC Pipes contain a unique combination of carbon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur and copper to create a strong-yet-flexible material. When combined in just the right way, this formulated steel can form tight connections between pipes and other items in the piping system. High tensile strength makes these pipes resist cracking and splitting over time. Even when exposed to extreme temperatures, the Carbon Steel A53 GRC Pipes can stay safe from corrosion and erosion due to their specially formulated chemical compounds. This pipe is an ideal choice for projects looking for reliable infrastructure that will last for years without requiring much maintenance along the way.

Carbon steel pipes A53 GRC are designed for general structural and mechanical applications. This material type is resistant to atmospheric corrosion, so it is ideal for outdoor applications where rusting could be an issue. Carbon steel A53 GRC pipes also have a higher strength-to-weight ratio than any other type of pipe, which makes them an excellent choice for large structures that need to move or support heavy loads. They are frequently used in construction, infrastructure projects, and plumbing work that requires rust protection and durability. Additionally, they can be easily cut into complex shapes while maintaining their strength, making them great for forming unique designs.

FAQ's for Carbon Steel A53 Gr C Pipes

The HSN code for carbon steel A53 GRC is 7304, according to the Indian Customs Tariff.

Carbon steel A53 GRC pipes can be welded using various techniques such as MIG, TIG, or Stick welding.

Yes, carbon steel A53 GRC pipes are magnetic due to their high iron content, making them suitable for magnetic applications.

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