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AISI 1045

Do you know about Carbon Steel AISI 1045 Bars? It is said to be the low hardenability and medium tensile carbon steel bars which are usually provided in the black hot rolled and rarely in the normalized condition. These are also provided with a general strength which ranges from 570 to 700 Mpa and even Brinell toughness ranges from 170 to 210, in any of the condition.  The bars are features by impact and fairly good strength properties. In addition to it, the bars posses reasonable weldability and good machinability in both the normalized and hot rolled condition.


These bars are exceedingly utilized by many industry sections for application needing wear resistance and more strength as compared to low carbon mild steels which provide a higher strength of the extremely low high tensile steels is important.

 These Carbon Steel AISI 1045 Bars are used typically in bolts, rams, rolls, spindles, connecting rods, axles various and more. These carbon steel bars are available in two color codes and forms, that is rounds and square. The size of round bars is 16mm to 690mm diameter and square bars is 25mm to 100mm. 

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