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AISI 1045

1045 Carbon Steel AISI Channels are made from a steel alloy composed of about 0.4 to 0.5 percent carbon, .50 percent manganese, .30 percent silicon, and 1.2 percent to 1.7 percent chromium. This combination creates a strong material perfect for construction and other heavy-duty applications due to its durability and strength. Furthermore, these channels are more accessible to weld than other systems, making them a popular choice for large projects that require welding and joining materials together for an effective end product. The combination of elements in this particular alloy also creates excellent heat-treating abilities allowing the channels to be heated up and cooled down without losing any essential properties over time.

Carbon Steel AISI 1045 Channels are renowned for their exceptional strength and hardness, making them an ideal option for various applications. Their enhanced corrosion resistance gives them a much longer operational life than many other types of carbon steel, making them well-suited for use in environments prone to corrosion. These channels are easy to fabricate and offer excellent formability due to their low carbon content. Carbon Steel AISI 1045 Channels can be cold or hot-formed depending on the application and typically have tolerances within +/- 0.4mm. Such properties make these channels suitable for structural solutions such as support columns, bipolar plates, walkways, and roof trusses.

FAQ's for Carbon Steel AISI 1045 Channels

Carbon Steel AISI 1045 Channel is a medium-carbon steel which offers good strength, toughness and machinability qualities. It also provides excellent wear resistance in many applications and can be welded or annealed for additional strength.

Carbon Steel AISI 1045 Channel offers good strength and wear resistance along with the ability to be welded or annealed for additional strength. It is also highly machinable making it suitable for many applications where precise parts are required

Price is based on the various factors, in general, it starts from INR 50/Kg to INR 70/Kg

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