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API 5L X80

API 5L X80 Carbon Steel Pipes are composed of an alloy of both carbon and iron particulate, with the carbon content typically ranging from 0.1 -0.3% and a small amount of manganese and sulfur. These pipes also contain trace amounts of other alloying elements, such as chromium, nickel and molybdenum. These components give the line strength, versatility and durability, making it ideal for plumbing and heating applications. The addition of heat treatment processes further strengthens the steel pipe, ensuring it is up to the specifications required for many industrial operations that rely on it during production.

Carbon steel API 5L X80 pipes are a commonly used material in piping and other industrial applications. They possess high strength and excellent flexibility, making them a perfect choice for such applications. Carbon Steel Pipes API 5L X80 are further enhanced by their very high resistance to corrosion; this makes them ideal for underwater piping installations or installations with dirty or contaminated water. Their low cost and wide availability of sizes make them famous for commercial metalworking shops and machinery fabrications that include the assembly of components using welding and electrical operations. While their impressive strength is suitable for general fabrication needs, their pipe ends also offer sufficient space for future maintenance or repair without disassembling the entire system.

FAQ's for Carbon Steel API 5L X80 Pipes

Carbon Steel API 5L X80 Pipes Start From Rs. 60/Kilogram To Rs. 100/Kilogram

Carbon Steel API 5L X80 Pipes are highly corrosion resistant and do not rust easily.

The unique alloy composition of the pipe allows for high durability even in corrosive environments, making it a popular choice for various industrial applications.

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