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EN-19 (V 320)

Carbon Steel EN-19 (V 320) Bars come with fully customizable options like finishing, size and thickness. The superior quality of bars is manufactured by some well qualified and knowledgeable and skilled professionals throughout the year in tons. The bar is being provided by many traders in order to meet the demands of every user. These bars are also manufactured using high quality and modern equipments, supreme quality of untreated materials and rigid tooling. Perfect design technique and machinery are deployed to generate aptness in the product. These bars are present in many different forms like hexagonal, square, rectangular and else.


Every form has own advantages and is completely immune to corrosion above 600 F temperatures. Because of its high demand for desalination plants, the bars are chiefly utilized in marine plants.


The length of Carbon Steel EN-19 (V 320) Bars is up to 6 meters and others in accordance with the requirements of customers. These are also available in different standards and dimensions in accordance with the international standards.  It is extremely useful product now a day. Many industrial applications are using the bars to complete their task.

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