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EN-19 (V 320)

The Carbon Steel EN-19 (V 320) Channels is termed as the 708M40 and come treated in annealed as the T or rolled condition. There are some top suppliers which offer the EN-19 in the flats, squares and diameters from the stock. They are renowned for its properties of wear resistance and wherein the properties of higher strength are required. They are suitable for around spindles, shafts or gears etc. It can be used for connecting rods with the ends that are case hardened as high stressed pins of gudgeons, collets or gears.


Suitable for all applications

The Carbon Steel EN-19 (V 320) Channels is a high tensile or high quality steel which is supplied usually with a readily machine in the T condition. It offers the good ductility as well as the shock resisting property which is best combined with the wear resistance. It is to be used in machine tool & the motor industries for spindles, shafts, gears or pinions and more. Later the applications turned more extended and widely used in the areas of gas and oil industries.

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