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EN 1A is one of the most popular free cutting steel low carbon manganese grade. This grade bars are well suitable for the repetition turned components producers. It is especially when machining operations and intricate drilling is involved. It could be with enhanced resistance to wear is case hardened producing components. EN 1A is available for greater machinability as EN1A leaded. Many producers and suppliers of Carbon steel EN-1A bars of high quality are available assuring effectiveness in fulfilling the specifications needs.


One can specify the specification requirements to the seller and buy those at reasonable rates. These bars are low carbon mild steel. It is well suitable for free cutting and machining. It is available in various forms like Hexagon, round, flat and square.




To produce the Carbon steel EN-1A bars of high-quality various testing is done. These are like a mechanical test, hardness test, flattening test, Intergranular corrosion test, flaring test, chemical analysis, pitting resistance test, macro and micro test.  These testing ensure producers that they have produced bars of good quality of without any errors that could affect the quality of the bar.

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