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The Carbon Steel EN-1A Channels is a low carbon steel which don’t consist of any of the alloying elements in the makeup. It is having carbon content which dint exceed around 0.25%. The Mild term is used for it as it covers great specifications and the forms. It is used in the mechanical engineering application for the parts which will not be subjected for higher stress. This is able in enduring the high stress level which is particularly is on the small diameters.


Low costs Steel

The Carbon EN-1A Channels offers the tight sectional tolerance, the increased straightness and cleaner surface. The major benefit of the cold drawn steel is also that this can be brought close to finish machining size; it offers the low machining costs too. The other benefit is that they mark increment in the physical strength over the hot rolling bars of similar section. They are the bright steel of mild nature which is suited for the lower carbon content. It is best for the free cutting wherein the large volume of the products is highly required.

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