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EN-31 R-100

En 31 R 100 Carbon Steel Bars are a synthetic alloy made up primarily of an iron and carbon base. It is added to other elements, such as manganese, copper, nickel and chromium, to change its mechanical properties to increase strength and hardness. En31 R 100 can be hardened appropriately and tempered to retain its elasticity. It gains superior resistance to wear and tear when altered in this way. Because of their strength and durability are often used in shafts, pins and axles when engineered parts must withstand pressure or strain. Carbon Steel En 31 R 100 Bars are also used frequently in aerospace industry components due to their high heat-resistant quality created through temperature treatment processes.

Carbon Steel En 31 R 100 Bars are high-quality steel products with many uses. These bars have excellent tensile strength and high wear resistance, making them an ideal choice for applications requiring a material with these properties. En 31 R 100 Carbon Steel Bars are commonly used in the production of bearings and gears, as well as other heavy-duty components that require wear resistance or high tensile strength. Additionally, they can be machined relatively quickly to form a range of shapes and sizes while still retaining the strength and durability that comes with the product. Carbon Steel En 31 R 100 Bars is a versatile option for many industries, from automotive to aerospace engineering.

FAQ's for Carbon Steel EN-31 R-100 Bars

Carbon Steel En 31 R 100 Bars Start From Rs. 80/Kilogram To Rs. 120/Kilogram

The HSN code for Carbon Steel En 31 R 100 Bars is 7301.20.

Carbon Steel En 31 R 100 Bars are considered to be eco-friendly because they do not produce any toxic substances or have a negative impact on the environment. In addition, they are energy efficient and require fewer resources in the production process compared to other materials.

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