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Carbon Steel EN-44 Bars are known to be one of the leading and prominent products in the market and industries too. This grade steel bar is checked out on many levels by skilled experts assuring it’s faultlessness. These carbon steel bars are being utilized for both high pressure and hygienic applications. It is also created to keep in mind needs of a lot of industry as well. It is even used in food processing, chemical plants, cosmetics and so on. The variety of these bars is in full confirmation with national & international quality standards. These are available in several sizes and dimensions in accordance with the needs and demands of users.


It is also having some great attributes to provide such as high strength, exceptional design, high efficiency, compact design, fine finish, robust construction and many more.



 Carbon Steel EN-44 Bars come in sizes from 15 to 1600 DN while the length of it is from 100mm to 6000mm. the dimensions of it are from 5mm to 500mm and the thickness ranges from 0.5mm to 500mm. These bars are available with the distributors in different conditions like polished, cold drawn, centreless and polished cold drawn.

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