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Carbon steel EN-45 bars is available as leaded for high enhanced machinability. It supplies untreated and cold finish conditions. These grade bars are used widely for production of various components that requires superior surface finishes with a greater rate of productions.  It is a low carbon manganese free cutting steel grade, thus is useful for production of repetition tuned components. It is particularly wherein machining and intricate drilling operation are involved. The bars are case hardened and produce components with resistance to wear.


The dimensions of Carbon steel EN-45 bars is AISI, EN, ASME, DIN, JIS, ASTM and BS. The finishes in which it is available is black, bright and polished. The forms of it is forging, round, hex, rectangle, billet, square, ingot etc. The designation of this grade bar is B 473. In length, it is available as 100mm to 6000mm and diameter of it is from 5mm to 500mm.


The heat treatment given to Carbon steel EN-45 bars is including rate of cooling, soaking and heating time. It varies because of factors like size, a shape of every component. The considerations included during heat treatment are work piece transfer facility, quench medium and furnace type.

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