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Carbon Steel EN 45 Channels are popular building materials because of their strength, durability, and affordability. The chemical composition of the material makes it an ideal choice for various industrial applications. It is an alloy containing iron, carbon, manganese, and other trace elements to create its distinct properties. With a minimum yield strength of 450N/mm2 and tensile strength between 550-700N/mm2, it is a strong material capable of withstanding wear and tear, even in harsh climates. Its ability to withstand high temperatures makes EN 45 CS Channels the perfect material for many demanding applications, including the aerospace, automotive, and home appliances industries.

EN 45  Carbon Steel Channels are versatile and robust forming options that can be used in various industrial applications. The high carbon content makes them durable and capable of withstanding considerable pressure without collapsing. They are also malleable and can be fabricated into bespoke shapes, such as rafters or beams, to fit specific uses. As they resist corrosion, they can withstand the changes between hot and cold temperatures without rusting or cracking, making them perfect for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Further adding to their appeal is their reasonable cost, making them one of the most popular choices amongst manufacturers globally.

FAQ's for Carbon Steel EN-45 Channels

EN 45 carbon steel channels are strong and durable structural beams used for a variety of applications such as frames, supports, machinery parts, bridges and other. They are also known for their high stiffness and good strength-to-weight ratio.

EN 45 carbon steel channels come in various sizes depending on their intended use. The most common sizes range from 1" to 8" in width and 0.25" to 1" in depth or height.

EN 45 carbon steel channels can be purchased online from metalworking supply stores or at hardware stores that specialize in metals and metalworking supplies.

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