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Carbon Steel EN 8 Bars are versatile, cost-effective materials that have found their way into multiple industries. They offer superior tensile strength and are highly malleable, making them perfect for manufacturing and engineering heavy equipment or components. Corrosion resistance properties make them ideal for producing compounds for industrial settings, whereas resistance to heat makes them suitable for welding and cutting operations. In addition, the lower carbon percentage allows Carbon Steel EN 8 bars to be easily machined with standard automation tools and methods. These properties, combined with EN 8’s durability, make it one of the most versatile materials on the market today.

8 Carbon steel EN bars are composed mainly of iron, with a 0.5-0.8% concentration of Carbon and trace amounts of manganese and silicon as other chemical constituents. Its name comes from its high carbon content and the fact that it is relatively resistant to wear, heat, and corrosion compared to other steels. This toughness makes it an ideal product for many practical applications such as shafts, axles, pulleys, rollers, pins & wrenches used in machines and planes; blades & springs; drill bits; exhaust pipes; tubes & casings, among others. Despite the medium strength of EN 8 bars relative to higher grade alloys like AISI 4140 or 4340 steel materials, its versatile performance across various projects and disciplines makes them a valuable component for current fabrication projects worldwide.

FAQ's for Carbon Steel EN-8 Bars

Carbon Steel En 8 Bars are steel alloys with a carbon content greater than 0.55%, which offer superior strength and durability for heavy-duty applications.

This type of steel is suitable for automotive and mechanical engineering, construction and manufacturing industries where high load bearing capacities are required.

Yes, adequate safety measures must be followed to avoid any potential risks in the handling and machining process of this material.

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