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Carbon Steel EN-8 Bars are said to be extremely common medium and carbon tensile steel along with enhanced strength upon mild steel by hardening medium carbon stainless steel.  These carbon steel bars are gladly machinable in all the condition. These bars are typically used as a supplied unrefined condition, but it can be surface hardened through induction process as well as producing elements along with improved wear resistance. The product in its heat treated makes posses exceptional metallurgical structures and providing consistent machining properties.


 Heat treatment of it-

 Carbon Steel EN-8 Bars are usually supplied with the unrefined condition but also able to be provided in the normalized and finally heat treated condition which is enough for various applications.

Tempering- this grade product is tempered at a heat temperature between 550° to 660° Celsius for one hour.

Normalizing- the bars takes place up to 860 degree Celsius and then it is cooled in air

Quenching- after giving heat treatment to the bars are dipped into in water or oil to be hardened

This is the heat treatment of Carbon Steel EN-8 Bars.

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