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The reliable industry is highly acclaimed manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Carbon steel EN-9 bars. These bars are sourced by making use of premium quality of raw substances. These bars/rods are ensuring in offering greater toughness of industry standard product of excellent quality. These bars are supplied globally in rolled form. This grade carbon steel bar is induction hard-bitten and flamed for creating the soaring surface stiffness through the first rate of wear resistant. The heat treatment temperature is including cooling rate, soaking and heating and will be differing beaus of bars greater features like shape, size etc.


Test certifications-


The test certifications that producers of Carbon steel EN-9 bars are providing mill test certifications in accordance to EN 10204 3.1. Also PMI test, NABL lab approved test record, ultrasonic test record etc are provided.




The documentation that manufacturer of Carbon steel EN-9 bars is providing commercial invoice, packing list, fumigation certifications, raw materials test record, quality assurance plan. Also, they offer material traceability record, guarantee letter; test certificate certifies NACE MR0175 and MR0103. This makes buyers to have full confidence that they are dealing with reliable bars seller.  

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