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IS 2062

Are you finding the flanges which can run for a long time? If yes, then you should get Carbon Steel IS 2062 PTFE Flanges to install in your industry. These flanges are reliable and right for commercial purposes and cover up the international or national quality of standards such as ASTM, DIJ, ASME and more. You can get in customized options, in accordance with your needs and demands. It can be installed at soaring temperature and underwater atmospheres. It is containing some great features such as durability, optimum quality, non corrosive, fire resistance, good conductivity and much more. It always used at the place where high pressure is needed.


It is also covering tolerance property and that is the only reason why it is used for heavy industrial applications. It is used for applications like bridges, pressure vessels, tanks, heat exchangers and many others. This is available in a different kind such as- seamless, fabricated and so on. You can even get it in different sizes, shapes, thickness, outer diameter, bending radius and schedules, so now you can buy it according to your requirements. These are very cheap and versatile flanges.

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