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IS 2062

Carbon steel Is 2062 PTFE lined flanges that provide extreme durability and resist corrosive chemicals. This is due to their chemical composition, primarily iron and carbon, and small amounts of other elements such as manganese, sulfur, phosphorus, and silicon. These additional elements create a material that can withstand greater temperatures than pure iron. Additionally, the PTFE liner makes them even more corrosion-resistant; this prevents any harmful particles from passing through the metal surface and causing damage or failure. When used in extensive industrial applications like pipe fittings and valves, Carbon Steel Is 2062 Ptfe Lined Flanges are essential in keeping operations running smoothly and safely.

Carbon steel IS 2062 PTFE lined flanges are recognized for their superior mechanical and chemical properties. These flanges offer greater strength, durability, and corrosion resistance than other PTFE-lined flanges. The outer base is constructed from carbon steel IS 2062 grade material, providing excellent structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. It is designed for high-pressure applications, including valves, reactors, pumps, and other equipment. Its valves are non-magnetic and resistant to water, oil and acids, making them suitable for sensitive applications. Furthermore, the lining – 5-6 mils thick – acts as a barrier that isolates the corrosive media while providing an efficient seal simultaneously. As such, Carbon steel IS 2062 PTFE lined flanges are an ideal option for any industrial or manufacturing process environment where a tight seal is necessary. Still, corrosion resistance is of the utmost importance.

FAQ's for Carbon Steel IS 2062 PTFE Lined Flanges

The HSN Code for Carbon Steel IS2062 PTFE Lined Flanges is 7307 90 00.

Welding Carbon Steel IS 2062 PTFE Lined Flanges requires preparing the weld by grinding, polishing and cleaning. Heat the flange until it is heated to the appropriate temperature and then apply filler material and perform final welding.

Carbon Steel IS 2062 PTFE Lined Flanges sizes range from 1/8" to 48" in diameter, depending on the application.

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