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Carbon Steel PTFE Lined Pipe

PTFE lined carbon steel pipe consists of a steel body with a greyish PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) lining inside. The layers are then joined by pressure and heat, creating a strong, durable bond. The PTFE provides excellent resistance to chemical corrosion, leakage, and abrasion, making it ideal for piping applications in industries ranging from oil & gas to chemical processing. PTFE-lined steel pipe systems offer superior corrosion and chemical resistance, making them an ideal choice for various industrial applications. In addition to its excellent properties, this material has been manufactured with the highest compliance standards in mind and is suitable for use in applications where there is no risk of contamination. The PTFE-lined pipe is also known as the Teflon-lined pipe.

Carbon Steel Ptfe Lined Pipe is a type of pipe with two layers designed to handle aggressive materials safely and reliably. The outer layer is constructed of carbon steel, providing protection and strength for the tube. The interior lining comprises PTFE, an incredibly durable polymer material with a remarkably low friction coefficient and outstanding temperature tolerance. This unique combination makes teflon lined carbon steel pipe an ideal choice for applications handling corrosive substances or extreme temperatures, as it is highly resistant to wear and abrasion from chemicals or elevated temperatures. Along with these properties, it also offers good ductility and mechanical strength, making it suitable for industrial uses.

FAQ's for Carbon Steel PTFE Lined Pipe

Carbon Steel PTFE lined pipes offer superior advantages, including corrosion resistance, improved flow and a long-lasting seal. These features make them an ideal choice for applications in industries like chemical processing and automotive engineering.

Testing of Carbon Steel Ptfe Lined Pipe can be done by evaluating the material with mechanical and hydrostatic tests. This is to ensure that the pipe meets the design specifications for pressure, strength, wall thickness, and integrity of its PTFE lining.

The HSN code for Carbon Steel PTFE-lined pipes is 39173120. This type of pipe is widely used in industries such as chemical, petrochemical, and food processing due to its superior corrosion resistance and high durability.

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