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Carbon Steel PTFE Lined Valves

Carbon Steel Ptfe Lined Valves are a unique type of valve that combines the strength and flexibility of carbon steel with the corrosion-resistant properties of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene). The body consists of carbon steel with a lining on the inner diameter composed of moulded PTFE. This lining is an added layer to ensure maximum chemical resistance and enable highly corrosive liquids and gases to pass through the valve without any adverse effect on performance.

With superior strength, durability, and leak-tight sealing, Carbon Steel Ptfe Lined Valves are widely used in many industries, from petrochemical plants to oil refineries.

Due to their unique properties, carbon steel ptfe lined valves are a popular choice for chemical and food processing applications. Carbon steel offers excellent strength and rigidity, while the PTFE lining helps to protect the internal components from abrasion and corrosion caused by high-pressure, high-temperature liquid or vapour media.

Additionally, the lining adds lubricity to help prevent damage when valves are opened and closed frequently. This makes carbon steel ptfe lined valves ideal for applications that require frequent maintenance cycles. These valves are also widely used in cryogenic services such as LNG operations due to their combined strength and thermal insulation benefits.

FAQ's for Carbon Steel PTFE Lined Valves

Welding carbon steel PTFE-lined valves require a TIG welder to create high-heat temperatures, extreme attention to detail, and precautionary safety measures. It is best accomplished by following the manufacturer's instructions and adhering to welding standards.

No, carbon steel Ptfe lined valves are not magnetic. The combination of the non-magnetic stainless steel and the non-conductive inner lining of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) prevents most magnetic attraction within these valves.

Yes, carbon steel PTFE lined valves are highly corrosion resistant as the interior has a non-porous barrier of PTFE which creates an effective guard against corrosion.

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