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Carbon Steel PTFE Strainer

Carbon Steel PTFE Strainers comprise C-0.08%, Si-0.80%, Mn-1.20%, P-Max 0.045%, and S-Max 0.040%. The combination of these elements makes the material highly corrosion-resistant. It provides excellent mechanical strength, making it ideal for construction and machine parts in applications requiring resistance to chemicals, pressure, or extreme weather conditions. Carbon steel PTFE strainers also have a lower coefficient of friction than other materials, making them great for use in various systems and industrial applications such as filtering out debris, impurities and liquids within pipes.

PTFE Strainers Carbon Steel is a highly reliable, durable filtration device in countless industries. Accurately filtering gas and liquid with low volumetric loss eliminates particles and contaminants before further material processing occurs. Moreover, as carbon steel is a high-strength alloy containing iron and carbon, it provides superior structural integrity to its filter structure compared to other materials on the market. This makes PTFE strainers constructed from carbon steel suitable for higher temperature and pressure applications over longer periods of time without risk of failure or clogging. Additionally, PTFE has proven invaluable when added to strainers for its slick surface that allows for more effortless gas or liquid flow under challenging situations. Carbon steel PTFE strainers offer both reliability and longevity, making them versatile for many industrial operations.

FAQ's for Carbon Steel PTFE Strainer

The HSN code for Carbon Steel Ptfe Strainer is 73269099. This code indicates that the strainers are classified as other articles of iron or steel under the Indian GST tariff system.

Welding Carbon Steel PTFE strainers requires a TIG welding process using a suitable filler material (e.g. stainless steel). Shielding gas is important, and post-weld cleaning is necessary for optimal results.

Yes, carbon steel Ptfe strainers are highly corrosion-resistant. The Teflon coating protects against rust and other damaging elements, making it ideal for use in demanding corrosive environments.

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