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Carbon Steel WPHY 42 pipe fittings are known best for their high tensile strength and corrosion resistance. These fittings are widely used in applications that need greater support and strength to withstand in extreme environment. These carbon steel pipe fittings are well tested and inspected before they are delivered to any other country, state or industry. Well, if we talk about products specification and standards. These carbon steel pipe fittings include both national and international standards and specifications such as ASTM, ASME etc. further, the raw material certificate is authorized when raw materials are tested and inspected for further processing.


Certification and packaging


High Yield Carbon Steel WPHY 42 pipe fittings are manufactured with proper inspection and testing.  You can get these fittings in different shapes, sizes and forms. There are several types available such as tee, end caps, and reducers.  There are several quality certificates approved such as 100% radiography certificate, hardness test certificate, flattening test certificate and third-party inspection certificate. Further, when these fittings are ready for the transportation they are packed in wooden cases or plastic bags to prevent fittings from further damages and rust.

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