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If you are looking for pure copper, the highest conductivity of all copper bars then Copper C10100 Bars is the best copper bars you can use in various industrial applications. It has many features like corrosion resistant, an excellent conductor of heat and good formability. This is manufactured by going through various fabrication processes like coining, forming and bending, piercing and punching etc.


It has come in national and international specifications includes such as ASTM B152. It comes in various size and diameters as per customer’s requirement. These elements used in various applications like electrical and electronic conductors, vacuum tube, power substations, and superconductor matrixes, glass and metals seals. It has a various form such as a tube for, forging, rod, plates etc.


It provides various characteristics such as good creep resistance, high ductility, ease of welding, low relative volatile under high vacuum, high thermal and electrical conductivity. It is refined under cathode rays and casting. It is an excellent alloy. These copper bars come in all standard shapes and sizes. It is costly metal and offers various benefits and manufactured under the expert guidance.

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