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Copper C10100 Bolts are generating by pouring and melting copper, in the availability of carbonaceous or carbon gases so that the oxygen can be exhibited. This high clarity and lack of deoxidizer’s version are for its normal conductivity of 101 percent IACS. OFHC means oxygen free high conductivity is liberated from hydrogen embrittlement when in a dropping atmosphere.  They are certified in accordance with the percent of clarity in its own composition.  They are specially made for some usual applications such as superconductor matrixes, electronic or electrical conductors, power substations, power substations as well as vacuum tubes.


These are offered to you with different sizes, shapes, and forms. These can be purchased at any rates because as the size of these bolts varies, the rates also get changed. Copper C10100 Bolts are made according to the international standard as well as quality. They are containing features such as durable, high corrosion resistance, easy to install, no need extra care taken to be taken and can withstand any harsh condition. They can be installed easily and can stand at any room temperature.

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