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Copper C10100 Coil

Copper C10100 Coil is a low-carbon, oxygen-free copper of high electrical conductivity. It contains high amounts of copper, trace amounts of oxygen and phosphorus, and naturally occurring elements such as iron, zinc, nickel, manganese, and other impurities. It has excellent formability and weldability properties, making it a great choice for applications requiring superior electrical performance due to its superior thermal and electrical conductivity.

Copper C10100 Coil is a popular choice of copper alloy for various applications due to its many desirable properties. It exhibits excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, high corrosion resistance, low electrical resistivity, good ductility and weldability, and good formability. It is commonly used for components such as cables, automotive parts, springs and wires for electrical applications. Its heat-treated condition makes it ideal for welding components due to its superior strength.

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