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The Copper C10100 Stud Bolts are made of 99.95 percent pure copper with traces of antimony, phosphorous and tellurium. This oxygen free stud bolt is known for its characteristics of high electrical and thermal conductivity. These stud bolt fasteners posses highest conductivity of all copper alloys. They contain excellent properties to resist corrosion. All the more these stud bolt fasteners in an oxygen free environment create a very pure copper most suitable for current carrying applications.



The copperc10100 is much desirable in applications which require high thermal and electrical conductivity. In automobile industry they are used to fasten rectifiers mainly for its high conductivity. In electrical industry, it is popularly found to be used in bus bars, bus conductors, glass to metal seals, vacuum seals due its composition , thermal and electrical conductivity and also that they don’t hydrogen embrittle during welding and brazing. Occasionally, they are also coated with silver, lead or tin to enhance its properties as required by the application it is used in. They are also an ideal choice in marine applications, bleaching operations and even sort after by some food processing industries.


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