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Copper C1020 plates are said to be the best plates and works best and provides you with the great combination of excellent high-temperature properties with good ductility and Weldability. These are the plates that are mostly being used in the applications for elevated temperature applications. These are the plates that have high chromium and nickel content that provides you with great corrosion resistance.


They have great strength and provide you with great strength in temperature up to 2100 ft. as it has high chromium and nickel content that makes it best in all environment. They are available to you in customized shapes as well if there is any special requirement or order by its customers. They are made with all standards keeping in mind that is national as well as international. Copper C1020 Sheets have many uses in industries dealing with the furnace, oil burner, heat exchanger and many more. They are being packed in wooden boxes if being exported to other places; the packing is done in the best way so that there are no damages during transition.

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