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Copper C10200 Coil

Copper C10200 Coil is a type of copper alloy with a nominal composition of 99.95% copper and 0.05% phosphorus. This alloy has excellent cold-working characteristics and good electrical conductivity, making it an ideal choice for industrial applications such as wire products, electrodes, and coil forms. Additionally, introducing phosphorus to this copper increases its strength and makes it more corrosion-resistant.

Copper C10200 coil is one of the most versatile and widely used metal materials in industrial and commercial applications. Apart from its high electrical conductivity, it exhibits high thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance properties. It can be formed into various shapes, including coils, making it a popular choice for transformers, motors, telecommunications equipment and electrical wiring systems. Furthermore, the Copper C10200 coil is also highly durable due to its good tensile strength and flexibility, making it suitable for use in structures such as bridges and buildings.

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