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Are you thinking what copper C10400 bars are? C10400 are light grade alloy of copper which is used to make product like bars. UNS number of this bar is C10400 and CuAg0, 04 OF is its EN chemical designation. Older literature referred it as OFS but now this is discouraged. The feature offered by this grade bar is as follows.


These bars have high electrical conductivity as compared to other. It has moderate thermal conductivity as well as high melting temperature. The use of such bars is done in automotives, electrical industries and chemical processing industries. Soldering if this alloy is rated excellent while oxyacetylene welding is fair and seam welding cannot be performed on this alloy bar.


Hot working temperature of copper C10400 bars is between 1400-1600?F.  For more information about this alloy you can refer the online stores. There you will get all the details regarding this product. Like its size, diameter, length and other specification. Make sure you read them properly and make final decision to buy it. Only good quality product will withstand harsh condition and your requirement.

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