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C10500 Copper Bars are composed mainly of copper with small amounts of other elements, including trace amounts of oxygen, iron, nickel, and other impurities. The chemical composition typically includes 99.95% copper and less than 0.001% oxygen which gives it excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, high corrosion resistance, and is known to be highly pure.

Copper C10500 bars are widely used in electrical wiring, heat exchangers, and other industrial and commercial applications due to their high electrical and thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, and low oxygen content. They have excellent formability and high strength and are easily joined by soldering and brazing.


FAQ's for Copper C10500 Bars

Copper C10500 bars are not magnetic as copper is not a magnetic material. Copper is a non-ferrous metal and does not produce a magnetic field.

Copper C10500 bars have high corrosion resistance due to the low oxygen content and high copper content in their chemical composition. However, it may corrode under certain specific conditions.

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