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Copper C10700 Bars are composed mainly of copper (99.9%) with a small amount of iron and trace amounts of other elements such as nickel, manganese, zinc, lead, and tin. The presence of oxygen is typically in the range of 0.02–0.04%. This creates a high-purity alloy that has excellent hot working properties and good corrosion resistance in many environments.

Copper Round C10700 Bars are malleable, ductile, and highly conductive metals that are used in multiple applications. They have superior mechanical properties and excellent corrosion resistance. C10700 Copper Bars can be used in plumbing, electrical components, architecture projects, transportation components, power systems, and more to generate efficient connections between different parts of a system.

FAQ's for Copper C10700 Bars

Copper C10700 Bars Price Start From Rs. 500/Kilogram To Rs. 800/Kilogram

Copper C10700 bars are non-magnetic, as copper is a non-ferrous metal and does not produce a magnetic field.

Copper C10700 bars have high corrosion resistance due to the low oxygen content and high copper content in their chemical composition.

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