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Copper C11000 bolts are also known as H04 C11000 copper bolts which are furnished in full hard temper. These types of bolts are second in lowest ductility. They are known for their electrical and thermal conductivity along with their good corrosion resistance and solderability.


Specifications and testing

These bolts are available as ASTM B187 with a diameter of 0.188” to 6” in round shape. When we avail for square shapes they are available in 0.25” to 4” inside size. For these bolts, a bending test of EN 7438 is done with 10mm wide samples. If it is required a test of bending optimized temper class is also done to ensure more standard quality. And the chemical composition of these bolts is Cu more than 99.90% and oxygen with .01% (composition in weight)



These copper C1100 bolts are packed with extensive care and to avoid any damage. They are usually packed in wooden containers with sealed of a facility to avoid any chance of corrosion and damage to its structure. And only high-quality metals are used in their manufacturing with all the ASTM and EN testing assurance.

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