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Copper C11000 Nuts are alloyed with other metals such as zinc, tin, and phosphorus to create a durable and corrosion-resistant product. The nuts are commonly used in various industrial applications, from fastening parts to providing electrical conductivity. Additionally, they're known for their strength and durability in extreme temperatures and their ability to reduce galling and vibration absorption due to their material composition. products offer mechanical integrity and versatility, ideal for any number of applications.

Copper C11000 Nuts are made of 99.9% pure copper with a small addition of oxygen and phosphorus. The oxygen adds strength to the copper alloy, while the phosphorus is added to resist dezincification in certain areas where contact with other metals is present. They offer excellent hot-working, cold-working, and welding capabilities - making them ideal for plumbing and electrical applications. In addition, their high corrosion resistance makes them resistant to most chemicals and environments, which makes them suitable for outdoor use as well.

FAQ's for Copper C11000 Nuts

The price of copper C11000 nuts can range from approximately Rs. 8 to Rs. 12 per piece.

No, copper C11000 nuts are not magnetic. Copper is a non-ferrous metal, meaning it does not contain any iron, and thus is not magnetic.

Yes, copper C11000 nuts are highly corrosion-resistant and have been studied extensively for their unique properties in a wide range of applications. Copper C11000 nuts are made mostly of 99.90% pure copper and contain small amounts of oxygen, phosphorus, and sulfur that have been intentionally added to improve the strength and electrical conductivity of the alloy. 

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