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Copper C11000 Screw is extremely popular for alloy and is used in wide range of application due to its high corrosion resistance, surface finish, and thermal stability. It is said to be the highest electrical conductivity of any metal. They also require low machinability as compared to other copper alloys. They have high resistance and also provide you with great Weldability. Copper C11000 Screw also provides them with great strength.


Copper C11000 Screw are being exported and manufactured by many manufacturers, they are made with the good quality of raw material and the material is well tested as well. Regular testing of the metal is also being done so that they made with according to the entire specification keeping in mind. The standard according to which they are being manufactured is taking care of industrial, national and international standards.


They are available to you in various dimensions and size that will help you in getting the best fitting. The dimensions can be made available to you according to the demands of the customer. So if you are looking for the best screw then Copper C11000 Screw is the best.

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