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This bolt is made of 99% copper with other trace elements depending on the way it is manufactured. The Copper C11000 Stud Bolt can be fabricated by various processes such as



  • Coining
  • Coppersmithing
  • Drawing
  • Etching
  • Heading and Upsetting
  • Hot Forging and Pressing
  • Piercing and Punching



The Copper C11000 Stud Bolt has high conductivity. These stud bolts have excellent corrosion resistance to weathering and to pure steam. Also exhibits good resistance to various oxidising salts, while they are excellent with acidic, alkali, dry gas, halogen and hydrocarbons. They are preferred to be used in the food industry as they do not react or affect the taste of food materials. It is widely used in applications which require high electrical conductivity like in transformers and power stations. They are also used in electrical terminals, electronic parts and heat exchangers. Its appearance and corrosion resistance is put to use in architectural buildings. It shows good mechanical properties, pressure resistance and thermal conductivity which are made use by the automobile industry. It is also put to use in various chemical industries due to its corrosion resistant properties.

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