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Copper C11000 Stud Bolts are composed of a combination of 99.9% pure copper and 0.04-0.4% phosphorus (depending on temper). The addition of this phosphorous content allows for improved machinability, strength, ductility, and corrosion resistance properties in comparison to pure copper materials. Additionally, the C11000 grade provides superior weldability features due to its higher electrical conductivity than standard grades of copper alloys. It is also known as tough electrolytic pitch (ETP) grade, which offers excellent resistance to general atmospheric corrosion and high levels of thermal conductivity, making it ideal for applications that involve heat exchange or nonmagnetic electromagnetic environments.

C11000 Copper Stud Bolts provide excellent corrosion resistance, conductivity, and ductility, making them a suitable choice for many industrial applications. These bolts are commonly used in electrical assemblies, plumbing systems, and piping systems as they can tolerate high temperatures, vibration, and pressure fluctuations. They also have great strength due to their higher tensile strength, making them a preferred option for heavy-duty installations. Copper Alloy C11000 Stud Bolts also offer good formability and machinability through tapping or threading processes which make it easier to create strong fastening joints with other components or metals.

FAQ's for Copper C11000 Stud Bolts

Common sizes for C11000 Stud Bolts range from 1/4-20 to 2”- 8. However, they can be customized to fit any specific needs or applications. 

Recommended torque settings depend on the size and type of bolt, as well as its application and material used; however, in general terms a maximum torque value of approximately 25% less than standard bolts should be adopted for copper bolts of equivalent diameter and thread pitch due to their low shear strength compared with steel fasteners i.e., the most common M10x25mm C11000 Copper Mild Steel Bolt will require a 25Nm (18ft/lb) torque setting in an ambient temperature range between -20°C (+4°F) & +50°C (122°F).  

Proper installation and maintenance are key factors that ensure that your stud bolts last longer without any wear and tear or breakage over time. Here are some tips you can follow while installing these stud bolts: 

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