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Copper C11600 Bars are extremely lightweight products formulated for original formation into wrought products. It also has a relatively high thermal conductivity in wrought coppers. It has a high electrical conductivity and is available in a wide range in the market. These copper bars are open in two conditions- hot rolled and cold rolled- so patrons can buy as per their needs and demands. These bars are used only for their corrosion resistance, color, appearance, ease of working, and thermal conductivity properties. They are highly malleable, have the high conductivity of engineering metals as well as easy to braze and weld.

Moreover, these Copper C11600 Hollow Bars are generally utilized in applications such as roofs, tubes for water, fittings & electrical wiring, wall cladding, bus bars, as well as process tools. These bars are high-pitched silver or copper products that can be bent easily due to their flexibility. The bar's specifications meet the national quality standards and are ISO certified. Customers can get the bars in different widths, thicknesses, lengths, types, diameters, etc., as necessary.

FAQ's for Copper C11600 Bars

C11600 Copper Bar is typically available in round, square, and hexagonal forms in various diameters/sizes ranging from 1/4 inch to 6 inches. It can also be customized for special applications.  

Due to its excellent strength and highly conductive nature, C11600 is commonly used in a variety of electrical wiring applications, such as transformer parts, motor windings, switch contacts, electrical connectors and many other items where high conductivity is required. It is also used extensively in chemical engineering projects due to its superior corrosion resistance especially when exposed to acids or alkalis and corrosive gases like carbon dioxide (CO2). Furthermore, it's great formability allows it to be machined into a wide range of shapes for further customizations as per various application requirements. 

The copper bar c11600 finds great usage across various industries such as Automotive & Aerospace industry for components like brake lines; Marine environment due to its superior seawater resistant properties; Chemical processing plants where it can withstand harsh chemicals; Electrical wiring applications particularly when high levels conduction is needed; Construction industry in creating attractive architectural designs etc

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