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Copper C12200 Coil

Copper Coil C12200 is a copper pipe coil manufactured from oxygen-free high thermal conductivity (OFHC) copper. It has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity properties and can be used in various applications, including plumbing, HVAC systems, electronics, and electrical power distribution networks. The desired temperature range for this material is -320 to +500 degrees F (-200 to 260°C). Its composition is 99.90% pure copper, with the remaining 0.10% comprising lead, iron, nickel and other trace elements, making it stronger than other grades of copper.

Copper C12200 Coil is a type of copper used for many applications, including electrical wiring and components. It is also known as Oxygen Free Electrolytic Copper (OFEC) and has an allowable voltage rating of up to 600V. Its composition consists mainly of 99.90% pure electrolytic copper, with the remaining 0.10% made up of trace elements such as zinc, lead and arsenic that are added during manufacturing to improve its mechanical properties.

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