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Copper Coil

Copper Coil is an item made up of a continuous length of copper wire. This coil can be used in various electrical and electronic projects due to its strong conductive properties and low cost. It is composed mainly of 99.9% pure copper, which provides high electrical conductivity, good formability, and excellent corrosion resistance. Other metals are often alloyed with copper for specific applications, including nickel, phosphorus or tin, to improve mechanical strength or corrosion resistance.


Copper coils are widely used in many applications due to their electrical and thermal conductivity properties, formability, and corrosion resistance. They can be used as components in various electrical systems such as transformers, generators, chokes, relays and capacitors. Copper coils also have low skin effect losses, which makes them suitable for high-frequency applications like radio antennas. Furthermore, the copper coil has a wide range of temperature capabilities, making it useful for heat exchangers or fluid piping systems for cooling processes.

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