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Copper Fasteners

Copper fasteners are frequently used in many of today's construction projects. They are a durable, corrosion-resistant alternative to steel or iron. Copper fasteners are composed primarily of copper, with trace amounts of zinc, tin and iron. While these metals contribute to the durability and resilience of the product, it is really the copper that gives them their unique properties, such as malleability, ductility and unrivalled levels of corrosion resistance due to the formation of a protective patina over time. This combination of materials makes copper fasteners an ideal choice for a wide range of applications and environments.

Copper fasteners are reliable hardware options when an increased level of corrosion resistance is required. These fasteners are highly resistant to harsh weather conditions, making them suitable for a variety of applications such as bridges, power plants, or areas close to the sea. Copper-based alloys have features like superior strength, ductility, and exceptional electrical and thermal conductivity. Also, copper fasteners have good fatigue properties—even after extended use under loads and strain. Copper is also relatively easy to work around as machining or welding may change its form easily. The natural colour of copper makes it an aesthetically pleasing option for certain application needs.


Does Copper Fasteners Rust?

No, copper fasteners are resistant to rust and corrosion, making them ideal for use in outdoor or highly humid environments. Additionally, copper is naturally non-toxic and safe to handle without the need for additional treatments or coatings.

What are Copper Fasteners Sizes? 

Copper fasteners are available in a variety of sizes ranging from #4 to 1/2 inch depending on the application. Different types of copper fasteners, such as screws, nuts and bolts, are also available in various shapes and sizes to suit your specific requirements.

What are the Uses of Copper Fasteners?

 Copper fasteners have a wide range of uses, including industrial applications such as plumbing fixtures, electrical wiring, roofing, HVAC systems and more. They are also used in general construction projects such as decking, fencing, cabinetry and other woodworking projects due to their high strength and durability.

What is the Pressure Rating of Copper Fasteners?

The pressure rating of copper fasteners depends on the type being used for the application. Generally speaking, the most common types of copper fasteners can withstand up to 600 psi, with some speciality models offering higher ratings.

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