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Copper Nickel 70/30 45 Degree Long Radius Elbow Pipe Fittings are made from alloy C70600 or Cu-Ni 70/30. This alloy contains a minimum of 82% copper and a maximum of 12% nickel, with other trace elements such as Iron, Manganese, and Silicon making up the rest. Due to the composition, this type of pipe fitting is known for its resistance to corrosion in seawater, marine environments, and polluted industrial atmospheres. It also offers superior sealing qualities due to the tightness of its joint. Furthermore, this alloy has excellent mechanical properties, making it highly robust and reliable in various applications.

70/30 Copper Nickel Long Radius Elbow Pipe Fittings are essential to many industrial installations, as they securely join and branch out piping systems into multiple pathways. With an integral 45-degree angle, it is possible to take two straight sections of a pipe system into one functioning piece. These durable fittings are known for their toughness against salt water and other corrosive elements, and they can be used in temperatures near to or above boiling point without issue. Moreover, the flexibility of copper-nickel 70/30 Long Radius Elbow Pipe Fittings makes them ideal for applications requiring high precision and engineering. Pipeline designs become easier to install when using elbows that incorporate this alloy, reducing the risk of components coming loose due to flexibility problems.

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