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Copper Nickel 70 30 90 Degree Elbow Pipe Fittings are forged from a combination of copper and nickel-iron alloy. This alloy is composed mainly of 70% copper and 30% nickel. Both materials offer superior corrosion resistance, making them ideal for industrial piping applications in harsh environments containing extreme temperatures and chemical exposure. While most of this alloy consists of copper and nickel, it also contains small amounts of iron and manganese, further increasing its strength and durability. Adding these two elements ensures the pipe fittings can withstand wear and tear during regular operation.

Copper Nickel 70 30 90 Degree Elbow Pipe Fittings have a variety of uses. Primarily, these fittings are used to make piping more efficient. This bends the pipes to fit perfectly into corners or other tight spaces without taking up excessive space. With the corrosion-resistant properties of copper-nickel alloy, the fittings' longevity and reliability increase drastically. Furthermore, they can bear heat over 1200 °F, making them highly valuable in applications that require much heat. Their ability to hold up against seawater composite also makes them an ideal choice for marine pipelines and submarine works. Wall thickness is higher than welds, making them sturdy and safe in plenty of conditions. Therefore 70 30 Copper Nickel 90 Degree Elbow Pipe Fittings are used extensively across various industries when high-performance results are desired with minimal maintenance costs.

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